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Basic List of Desktop Reference URLs for Emergency Nurses



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Abstracts from 1997 through the present and full-text articles from October 1998 through the present are available. Access to abstracts is complimentary. 
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Abstracts and articles from 1994 through the present are available. Access to abstracts is complimentary.
Access to full-text articles is via paid subscription or pay-per-article.

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Cool Sites:

Cool Medical Site of the Week (The name says it all: check it often!)
Cool Nursing Site of the Week (The name says it all: check it often!)

Emergency Nursing "COOL Web Find of the Week"
New Medical Sites & Find of the Week -from Doctor's Guide to the Internet®
Toxin of the Week [from TOXIKON ©. Univ. Illinois, Chicago]

Medical News Sources:

star-small.gifWeekly Web Review In Emergency Medicine (Peer Review & Rating of current literature upon Emergency medicine topics.)
MedConnect (Outstanding: news & articles; with "Desktop News" in fields of interest)
HealthGate (This information center also provides MEDLINE access. Do research at home via the web.)
CNN's Online Daily Health News
Reuters Health Information Services

Clinical Resources:

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flag-USA-map-vsmall.gif (969 bytes)MEDLINE: PubMed and Internet Grateful Med (now free!)

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Guide'EM: The Boston University Medical Center Guide to Clinical Practice Guidelines for Emergency Medicine

logo-MMWR.gif (3829 bytes)Search the Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report
Karolinska Institute's List of Resources by Disease or Disorder (alphabetical) (Great way to find what you want to know in a hurry)
Merck Manual (Yes, access it on-line!)
Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms
Common Simple Emergencies (Dr. Stair's two hundred outlined clinical pearls.)
Jonathan Tward's Multi-Media Medical Reference Library (Marvellous collection not to be missed . . .          Tremendous asset)
RXmed: The Internet Drug Index Prescribing Information
PharmInfoNet [Pharmaceutical Information Network]
ATSDR [Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry] - ToxFAQs: Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets US Govt. online Index for chemical exposures
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ncemi.jpg (705 bytes)[email protected] - The Archive of Decision-Making Tools On-line algorithms and calculators
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary [InteliHealth Professional Network]
Trauma Scores from Trauma.org online/desktop calculators available

Patient Support:

List of Toll-Free 800 Numbers for Support (Better than a Rolodex®--numbers you need when your patients need them)
flag-Mexico-vsmall.gif (907 bytes)Spanish - English History Interpreter Form compliments of ERworld.comerworldcom2.gif (1390 bytes)

Emergency Medicine & Trauma Internet Features:

star-small.gifGEMA - Global Emergency Medical Archives (the collected wisdom of Internet Emergency Physicians)
star-small.gifEMBBS [Emergency Medicine and Primary Care] Home Page (An examplar of web publishing in the service of emergency medicine . . . try its simulators, photos & EKG collections, and case studies)
star-small.gifWeekly Web Review in Emergency Medicine (review and rating of the studies in current articles and literature on significant problems and issues in emergency medicine)
star-small.gifemedicine Online Text - Emergency Medicine (A comprehensive textbook of emergency medicine online)

star-small.giflogo-emedhomecom.gif (5612 bytes)EMedHome.com (many useful articles are archived, clinical calculators, and resources, plus an e-mail notification service)


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AVICENNA: The Medical Information Supersite of the World Wide Web

HealthAtoZ - The Search Engine for Health and Medicine
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logo-medmatrx.GIF (21575 bytes) sign_update-yel.gif (973 bytes) URL (Subject Index to medical sources on the Internet)

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Heat Emergencies
End Tidal CO2 Monitoring
in CPR: A Predictor of Outcome

Fix This Airway!
Crises in Airway Management

Bioterrorism References
Headache & Stroke
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