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E-Mail Lists:

These are mailing-remailing programs that bulk mail an exchange of communications through your computer's e-mail connection. The two major programs, with slightly different command schemes, are LISTSERV (8 letters only) and MAJORDOMO. Generally, one "address" sends and receives the public postings, another lets you interact with the "machine," and another may be available to speak with the "owner" --the real person who operates the list. Some lists allow public posting only after review of the submission by a "moderator", some by anyone, some only by subscribed members, some are "closed" to public reading. It is important to have addresses and commands be exact and correct. With high-traffic lists, it is sometimes possible to subscribe to a "digest" --a single daily collection of the posts rather than many separate ones which might overflow your mailbox or require sorting to follow the thread of discussion. You also may encounter a "FAQ" (pronounced "FAK" or file of "Frequently Asked Questions." This should always be consulted.

Lists of interest are shown below. Included will be the list's description of itself, if any, how to subscribe, and selected samples of other instructions. Clicking on the highlighted name will open a mailto: box to the server for that list.


Em-Nsg-L: The Emergency Nursing List

        At last! An Internet Listserv devoted to the professional interests and concerns of Emergency Nurses and for discussion with other emergency professionals. No bulletin boards! No Usenet Newsgroups! Communication with other Emergency Nurses throughout the world will come to you automatically in your e-mail.  

To subscribe:

Click EM-NSG-L Web Interface <http://listsrv.ucsf.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A0=EM-NSG-L>
Join or Leave EM-NSG-L


CLICK [email protected]  [[email protected]]

Type: "subscribe Em-Nsg-L [Real Name]"
using your own real name without brackets or quotes.

subscribe Em-Nsg-L Clara Barton, RN

It is a firm policy of Em-Nsg-L to require a real name as this helps
promote professional communication and prevent problems and flame wars



logo-ENA.jpg (6065 bytes)ENA Emergency Nursing Sub-Specialty Interest Lists, as hosted by the Emergency Nurses Association, include the topics of:

logo-ENA.jpg (6065 bytes)Subscribe to ENA Emergency Nursing Sub-Specialty Interest Lists


ED and Patient Safety ED Managers ED Technology Emergency Preparedness ENA Membership
Episodic/Urgent Care Forensics Government Affairs Injury Prevention Pediatrics
Research Retired Nurses State Councils Trauma Travel Nurses
Uniformed Services        

[email protected] This list is intended for the use of emergency department nurse managers, their assistants, charge nurses and interested staff members. Discussion of daily operations, special projects, or other 'sticky' situations is encouraged. Hopefully, the experiences of your peers will be helpful in your endeavor.

emergencynurseclub @yahoogroups· Emergency Nurse Club - A club for nurses in the E.R.

ER-Nurses @yahoogroups For the "active Emergency Department nurse, . . . prehospital nurse-provider, medivac. All RN's, LP/VN's are welcome. Other emergency care providers are welcomed that are interested in sharing thier perspective of the Emergency Department.

flag-UK-vsmall.gif (928 bytes)Emergency-Nurse For United Kingdom nurses in "Accident & Emergency", or anyone with an interest in Accident & Emergency / Emergency Nursing. 

flag-Netherlands-vsmall.gif (851 bytes)Mailinglist voor Spoedeisende Hulpverlening-Dutch Mailing List for Emergency Care initiated by Meduca® and has an explanatory webpage for SEH-Mailing List.

EMED-L: Emergency Medicine List

1. What is EMED-L?
EMED-L is a list for hospital based emergency medicine practitioners. It was created for the free exchange of ideas and issues pertaining to the care of patients in emergency medicine, as well as topics and controversies related to the practice of emergency medicine. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, clinical studies, case reports, emergency department administration, and ED emergency department information systems.

EMED-L does not allow commercial advertising. EMED-L is open to anyone, and is not moderated. Only subscribers are allowed to post messages to the other subscribers. EMED-L is not meant to replace existing lists (i.e., EMERG-L) for emergency medical services providers, nor serve as a primary forum for discussions of EMS operations.

2. How do I SUBSCRIBE or unsubscribe?
EMED-L runs on a program called LISTSERV. Commands to subscribe, unsubscribe, or change subscription options should be addressed To: [email protected]u
The Subject line is ignored; all commands should be in the BODY of the message.
To subscribe, send "SUB EMED-L your name" without the quotes. Your email address will be learned by the program from the header of your message.

PED-EM-L: Pediatric Emergency Medicine

A list focusing upon the care of ill and injured children in the Emergency Dept. There is overlap of individuals subscribing also to EMED-L and other lists.

Website for the list with online subscription management is at http://listserv.brown.edu/archives/cgi-bin/wa?A0=ped-em-l

E-mail commands must be sent to the "LISTSERV address", [email protected]LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU

Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived.

flag-UK-vsmall.gif (928 bytes)acad-ae-med Academic Accident & Emergency Medicine
        The list will be of relevance to all trainees including undergraduates and postgraduate practitioners in Accident & Emergency medicine.
It will seek to promote and foster academic research in the world of Accident & Emergency medicine. To join, go to

Emergenciologos @ yahoogroups Lista de Encuentro de los emergenciologos / urgenciologos /oxiologos de Habla hispana


PEDTPT-L: Pediatric Interhospital Transport List
      To subscribe to PEDTPL-L, send:  subscribe PEDTPT-L yourfirstname yourlastname


flag_FrancoCanadien.gif (285 bytes)URG-l: Une francophone liste de poste electronique du medicine d'urgence from -----------------------------------------------------------------
| Alain Vadeboncoeur MD |
| " An animated PC computer user" |
| Departement de medecine d'urgence |
| Hopital Pierre-Boucher |
| Longueuil, Quebec, Canada |

QAD-EMED-Emergency Medicine Question-A-Day

       Sign up for this daily quiz, referenced to the leading standard texts of emergency medicine at the web page of the National Center for Emergency Medical Informatics or use their automatic subscriber for several EM lists.

=== The National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics ===
=== Question-A-Day ===
=== NCEMI Directors: Mark Smith, MD ===Craig Feied, MD ===
=== QAD editor: Jon Handler, MD ===
=== Previous issues may be found at the NCEMI website, at http://ncemi.org ===

ANEST-L: Anesthesia List

        This anesthesia discussion list originates from SUNY Syracuse. Leave the subject line empty; body of message = "subscribe anest-l (your name)". Andrew M. Sopchak, MD list owner; his dept.'s web page is http://eja.anes.hscsyr.edu/anes/home.html

ACCRI-L Anesthesia & Critical Care Resources on the Internet List

        This is the e-mail weekly update of Anesthesia and Critical Care Resources on the Internet, an outstanding compendium with great relevance to emergency care. The main directory is available on the web at ANESTHESIA AND CRITICAL CARE RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET. The e-mail is available as a digest (recommended).

CCM-L: Critical Care Medicine List

        For much further information including FAQs for this discussion list, please consult the CCM-L Worldwide web homepage: http://ccm-l.org/

TRAUMA-L: Trauma and Emergency Surgery List

        All commands must be sent to the "LISTSERV address", [email protected] In the subject area of your email, type the word: Subscribe  You should be subscribed automatically. To post messages after you sign up, send them to: [email protected]    Contact [email protected] if any questions. The list, formerly at Louisiana State University Medical Center, now resides at The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma.

flag-UK-vsmall.gif (928 bytes)TRAUMALIST [UK]: Trauma

        This list originates from Dr. Karim Brohi, Trauma & Critical Care Unit, The Royal London Hospital. Details can be found at the web page http://www.trauma.org/traumalist.html

SURGINET: General Surgery

        "We have surgeons from all over the world (Moscow, Romania, Scandanavia, Australia, Canada, Chile, Argentina, US) and discuss a wide range of general surgical topics. SURGINET FAQNweb page

INJURY-L: Injury Control and Surveillance.

        Open discussion list for users interested in Injury Topics; such as * research, cost, intervention, rehabilitation, prevention, data, epidemiology, * etc. * To subscribe: leave the subject line empty; body of message = "subscribe injury-l (your name)"


        DISASTER RESEARCH (DR) is a moderated bulletin for creators and users of information regarding hazards and disasters. Queries, conversations, and contributions are encouraged. Items received will be posted unless otherwise indicated. Questions and messages for the newsletter (including requests for information sources, etc.) should be sent to: [email protected]

        To subscribe, http://www.colorado.edu/hazards/dr/drsub.html

EMERG-L: Emergency Services

        This mailing list is the delivered to your mailbox form of the Usenet Newsgroup: misc.emerg-services Same content either way. High volume. Although it is the primary way of keeping up with news in the various lights-and-siren emergency groups, unfortunately there is a great deal of bickering and numerous "flame wars" occur as the group is unmoderated.

EMS-LEAD: International EMS Leadership Discussion Group.

        To subscribe: Leave the subject line empty; body of message = "subscribe ems-lead (your name)"

EMS-COMMUNICATIONS: (Radio & Telemetry in EMS)

        This list is for open discussion of issues surrounding EMS and medical communications and for regular announcements concerning new General Devices products and developments! General Devices is now the largest manufacturer of EMS medical communications systems. To join this listserver just send an e-mail message addressed to: [email protected] And in the text of the message put: subscribe emscom <name> Where <name> = your real name...

NCEMSF-L: National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation List

FlightMed: Air Medical Transportation

        The Flightmed mailing list was started to provide an area for all air medical professionals to exchange information on any topic related to air medical care. We invite all flight nurses, flight paramedics, pilots, communication specialists, physicians, and others involved in air medical care to participate.

SAR-L: Search and Rescue Discussion List

        This mailing list is for discussion about any aspect related to Search and Rescue. It is for you - your topics, threads and use. Let's hope to see some lively discussions. To subscribe to: Search and Rescue Discussion List <[email protected]> send subscribe (in subject or body) to: [email protected]

Civil Air Patrol News Online

WILDERNESS-EMERGENCY: Wilderness Emergency Medicine List

        This mailing list was created to serve as a meeting place for individuals with an interest in wilderness emergency medicine. Please feel free to address your questions and post your observations on related topics.  The list is being maintained by staff at the Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute (WEMSI).

IV-THERAPY-L: Intravenous Therapy Nursing

        This list is primarily for dissemination of information by and for I.V. therapy nurses. However, other interested professionals are welcome to subscribe.

NURSEjobs :Announcements of Nursing Jobs

       NURSEjobs is a brand new (and free) service is coming to the Internet to assist nurses of all kinds to locate new employment opportunities.

        NURSEjobs will work as a mailing list (meaning the job announcements will be sent to the nurse subscribers by e-mail ----- not a web site you have to visit every week or so) and any RN, LPN, ARNP or CNS is welcome to become a subscriber.

        All you have to do is send an e-mail message to [email protected]
with the single word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the body of the message. Nothing else. You will receive confirmation of your subscription by return e-mail.

        NURSEjobs is brand new and like anything brand new, it has to take time to build, but it is expected to soon be a major force in helping nurses locate optimum employment. It will be first only for USA employment, but as other resources are developed, there are hopes that it can grow into Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. ( in fact, anyone interested in helping NURSEjobs grow into those areas is invited to send a message
to [email protected] indicating their interest.

        The advantage of NURSEjobs is that unlike WebSites, a subscriber doesn't have to go visit the site from time to time or read old ads. Open Position announcements through NURSEjobs will be sent out the day they are received from the advertisers and will be sent via e-mail making it very easy for candidates to find out about new positions in a convenient and timely manner. From: Al Todak <[email protected]>

NURSENET: Nursing Discussion List


Usenet Groups:

        These are public "bulletin boards" of topical interest viewable to anyone on the internet with a newsreading program and a newshost at their provider to serve it. Thousands of topics from the banal to the outrageous exist. There are too many "support" boards, psychiatric problem boards, and non-English language boards to list here. Download a list of boards from your newshost or contact your Internet Service Provider newshost administrator.

The "Sci.med" Cluster of NewsGroups
sci.med sci.med.aids sci.med.cardiology sci.med.dentistry
sci.med.diseases.als sci.med.diseases.cancer sci.med.diseases.hepatitis sci.med.diseases.lyme
sci.med.diseases.osteoporosis sci.med.informatics sci.med.immunology sci.med.laboratory
sci.med.midwifery sci.med.nutrition sci.med.nursing sci.med.obgyn
sci.med.occupational sci.med.orthopedics sci.med.pathology sci.med.pharmacy
sci.med.physics sci.med.psychobiology sci.med.radiology sci.med.radiology.interventional



Useful Finders and Utilities:

CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV® lists The Master List of Usenet Newsgroups
List of Usenet FAQs How To Write A Good Newsgroup Message
(proposing creation of a "new" group)

"E-mail Lists & Usenet Groups for the "E-mergency" Minded!"
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