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This page last edited: 12/27/2009

flag-Australia-vsmall.gif (908 bytes)Australia:

flag-Australia-vsmall.gif (908 bytes)Australian College of Emergency Nursing (Link Updated 4/09)
flag-Australia-vsmall.gif (908 bytes)College of Emergency Nursing Australasia 

flag-Australia-vsmall.gif (908 bytes)logo-ImpactEDemergencydept-Australia.jpg (117290 bytes) ImpactED Emergency Department

flag-Belgium-vsmall.gif (875 bytes)Belgium:

flag-Belgium-vsmall.gif (875 bytes)Association Francophone des Infirmier(e)s d'Urgence (Link Updated 4/09)

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)Canada:

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)logo-NENA.gif (3526 bytes)NENA - National Emergency Nurses Affiliation, Inc.

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)The Emergency Nurses Association of British Columbia 12/27/09

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)Emergency Nurses Interest Group (ENIG) LogoEmergency Nurses Interest Group of Alberta

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)Welcome to Saskatchewan Emergency Nurses Group (SENG)Saskatchewan Emergency Nursing Group [SENG] (Broken Link 4/09)

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)logo-ENAO.gif (9746 bytes)The Emergency Nurses Association of Ontario [ENAO]

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)logo-AIIUQ[Quebec].gif (5712 bytes) l'Association des Infirmières et Infirmiers d'Urgence du Québec


                                                  Danish Association of Accident & Emergency Nursing

flag-Italy-vsmall.gif (888 bytes)Italy:

flag-Italy-vsmall.gif (888 bytes)logo-Cives-Italy.gif (8388 bytes)Infermieri per L'Emergenza

flag-Italy-vsmall.gif (888 bytes)logo-NursesOfEmergency-NOE.gif (6015 bytes)Nurses Of Emergency - NOE (Link Updated 4/09)
flag-Italy-vsmall.gif (888 bytes)logo-AISACE-Italy.gif (15920 bytes)Associazione Infermieri Specializzati in Area Critica ed Emergenza (Link Updated 4/09)


    Malta Emergency Nurses Association (Link Updated 4/09)


Mexican Association of Emergency Nurses - La Asociación Mexicana de Enfermería en Urgencias
(Link Updated 4/09)


flag-Netherlands-vsmall.gif (851 bytes)Netherlands:

      flag-Netherlands-vsmall.gif (851 bytes)Dutch Association of Accident & Emergency Nurses (Broken Link 4/09)
      flag-Netherlands-vsmall.gif (851 bytes)Dutch Foundation of Trauma Nursing (STNN) English Version (Link Updated 4/09)
      flag-Netherlands-vsmall.gif (851 bytes)De Stichting Trauma Nursing Nederland (STNN)

flag-New-Zealand-vsmall.gif (959 bytes)New Zealand:

flag-New-Zealand-vsmall.gif (959 bytes)logo-CollegeOfEmergencyNursesNewZealand.png (38048 bytes)College of Emergency Nurses New Zealand (Link Updated 4/09)

flag-Singapore-vsmall.gif (867 bytes)Singapore:

flag-Singapore-vsmall.gif (867 bytes)Life in Emergency Medicine (Broken Link 4/09)
flag-Singapore-vsmall.gif (867 bytes)emergencies' Home Page - Global Worldwide Emergency Nursing (Broken Link 4/09)
flag-Singapore-vsmall.gif (867 bytes)SNA-Emergency Nurses Chapter Homepage [Singapore]

flag-Spain-vsmall.gif (926 bytes)Spain:

flag-Spain-vsmall.gif (926 bytes)logo-EnfermeriaUrgencia[Sociedad].gif (9540 bytes)Sociedad Española de Enfermería de Urgencias

flag-Sweden-vsmall.gif (870 bytes)Sweden:

flag-Sweden-vsmall.gif (870 bytes)Riksföreningen Trauma {Swedish language} (Link Updated 4/09)

flag-Sweden-vsmall.gif (870 bytes)Swedish association of nurses in accident & emergency care (Broken Link 4/09)

flag-UK-vsmall.gif (928 bytes)United Kingdom

flag-Scotland-saltire-vsmall.gif (140 bytes)Scotland - Southwest Emergency Nurses Group organizing the Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway Emergency Nurses' Group

flag-USA-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)United States of America:

ENA-logo-mini.gif (1712 bytes)Emergency Nurses Association

logo-AlabamaENAhomepage.jpg (54061 bytes) Alabama Emergency Nurses Association

Alaska Emergency Nurses Association

Arizona Emergency Nurses Association

California Emergency Nurses Association

logo-ColoradoENA.gif (7779 bytes)Colorado Emergency Nurses Association

logo-ConnecticutENA.gif (8063 bytes)logo-CTENAorg.gif (3664 bytes)logo-ConnecticutENA_Title.jpg (9339 bytes)Connecticut ENA

Florida Emergency Nurses Association

logo-GeorgiaENA.gif (9671 bytes)Georgia ENA

logo-HawaiiENA.jpg (6251 bytes)Hawaii ENA

Illinois State Emergency Nurses Association

logo-IndianaENA.gif (7146 bytes)Indiana ENA

logo-IowaENA2.jpg (7397 bytes) Iowa Emergency Nurses Association

logo-KansasENAhomepage.gif (15299 bytes) Kansas Emergency Nurses Association

Kentucky ENA

LouisianaENA.gif (3281 bytes)Louisiana ENA

logo-MaineENA.gif (6110 bytes)Maine ENA

logo-MarylandENA.gif (7666 bytes)Maryland ENA

logo-MassachusettsENA2.gif (17654 bytes)Massachusetts ENA

logo-MichiganENA.gif (4948 bytes)Michigan ENA

Missouri ENA

logo-NebraskaENA.gif (9928 bytes)Nebraska ENA

Nevada ENA

New Hampshire Emergency Nurses Association

logo-NewJerseyENAwebsite.gif (8550 bytes)
The New Jersey Emergency Nurses Association

New Mexico ENA

logo-NewYorkStateENA.png (196263 bytes)New York State ENA

logo-NorthCarolinaENA.png (80383 bytes)North Carolina ENA

logo-OhioENAwebsite.gif (5043 bytes)Ohio State Council of ENA

Oklahoma Emergency Nurses Association (Updated Link 4/09)

Oregon Emergency Nurses Association
Oregon State Council of ENA (Under construction 4/09)

logo-PennsylvaniaENAwebsite.gif (16558 bytes)Pennsylvania ENA

Rhode Island ENA

scena logoSouth Carolina ENA

logo-TennesseeENA.gif (15241 bytes)Tennessee ENA

Texas ENA

logo-UtahENA2.gif (17350 bytes)Utah Emergency Nurses Association

logo-VermontENAnew.gif (4183 bytes)Vermont Emergency Nurses Association (Updated Link 4/09)

Virginia Emergency Nurses Association

logo-WashingtonStateENA(newest).png (39745 bytes)Washington State ENA

West Virgina Emergency Nurses Association

logo-WisconsinENA2.png (9857 bytes)Wisconsin Emergency Nurses Association

ENA-logo-mini.gifENA's Listing of all State Councils

logo-CODERN2.jpg (11238 bytes)CODERN2

logo-UTexasHouston-SchOfNsg.gif (5441 bytes)Emergency Nurse Practitioners; CNS: Post-Masters Certificate in Emergency Care from University of Texas - Houston School of Nursing

Directory of America's Hospitals from USNews.com ("U.S. News & World Report") & American Hospital Association

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