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Honor Gallery of Previous Winners

Emergency Nursing World ! has been pleased to award its distinction of "Cool Web-Find" to selected web documents and entities of special interest and usefulness to emergency nurses and associated emergency professions. Awardees are chosen on the basis of exceptional excellence in value as a resource and for the qualities of presentation using the web medium. We shall also bring forward the less well-known as well as established globally famous mega-sites.

Nominations are always open for potential awards. Awardees will be able to display on their sites the image of the "ENW COOL web-find!" distinction.

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Week of January 18, 1998

ENW recognizes the very difficult and sensitive work done in assaults against women:

Sexual Assault Information Page

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Week of January 4, 1998

ENW suggests that you direct the browser of your new Christmas computer to the web page of Randy Trinkle, BScPharm, BA, of the Pharmacy Department at Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Those who are active in EMED-L, PED-EM-L, etc., will recognize him as a knowledgeable and noted contributor. The links from his page are a worthwhile starting point. And, he points out the value of going outside one's own specialty or occupation to find useful data.

flag-Canada-vsmall.gifHealth Science Links
sign_update-yel.gif (973 bytes)URL 6/4/99

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Week of November 30, 1997

ENW recognizes

The Virtual Naval Hospital

as a fine example of how the U.S. military services are increasingly making information available on the web. This site, in partnership with the University of Iowa's Virtual Hospital site, provides topical pointers to many recurring emergency problems (civilian or military) with U.S.N. and other web resources for each topic.

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Week of November 16, 1997

Perhaps the most frequent informational need for emergency nurses concerns drugs. ENW, salutes these internet resources:

RxList - The Internet Drug Index

Drug InfoNet

United States Pharmacopeia

RxMed: Prescribing Information

Medication Error Prevention

Food and Drug Administration Home Page

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  Week of November 2, 1997

ENW wishes to honor the introduction to the Web of a site devoted to the Evidence-Based process in Emergency Medicine and which provides means of formulating and researching questions at . . .

Center for Evidence Based Emergency Medicine

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Week of October 26, 1997

ENW recognizes the new site which reviews in timely fashion the U.S Government's Consumer Product Safety Commission of product injury reports from 100 key hospitals. It also has much other interesting material concerning trends of injury, prevention, and of emergency care. Well done!

ER Watch 

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Week of October 19, 1997

ENW salutes the boldly enterprising efforts of Scott Plantz, MD, et al, to place an entire electronically searchable and retrievable articles textbook of emergency medicine online. Nearly complete, and seeking digitalized images to enhance the text, is . . .

eMedicine Online Text - Emergency Medicine

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Week of July 6, 1997

This week, ENW features web contributions originating from Australia.



Gasbone, an anaesthesiology & intensive care web project of the University of Queensland, has many interesting presentations: Dr. Cumpston's ABC's of Trauma Resuscitation, Dr. Palmer's video Insertion of the Laryngeal Mask Airway, or slide show of Intravenous Sedation In Dentistry, or Dr. Moloney's Airway Assessment and the Difficult Intubation

HyperTox (Web Version)


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Week of July 6, 1997

This week and next, ENW features web contributions originating from Australia. "Livtrauma" is fresh, friendly, and bright, with a look at their algorithms, protocols, newsletters, large collection of x-rays, quizzes, photos, and regional programme. Enjoy and explore all of its worthwhile features.


Liverpool Trauma Home Page
(Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)


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June 22, 1997

ENW wishes to bring attention to the highly-regarded, well-annotated, (and downloadable as well as online) resource to be found at The University of Hawaii's site of Dr. Lauren Yamamoto's (et al):



You will find interesting and challenging studies with strong clinical perspective. And, find information about the Fifitieth State, the University, and its Pediatric Residency. Aloha!

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June 1, 1997

ENW agrees that "Weekly Web Review in Emergency Medicine is dedicated to the critical analysis of current clinical literature on topics relevant to the practice of emergency medicine." For that reason this is a very worthwhile and timesaving site for clear understanding and critique of pertinent issues.

Weekly Web Review In Emergency Medicine

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May 25, 1997

ENW has, at the suggestion of Deborah Molitoris who is Webmaster for this week's selection, reviewed the outstanding page of

Lupus Foundation - Missouri Chapter

which presents outstanding resources for SLE and many other rheumatologic problems that are clearly, sensibly, and attractively arranged. Support information, drugs, tests, glossaries, many links, are quickly found. This will be my first internet stop on all rheum matters, and should be yours.

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May 18, 1997

ENW was recently reminded by Alan Clark, MD, of the reference value of PEDBASE designed by Dr. Alan Gandy(MD.,PhD.,FRCP(C). Over 500 syndromes and illnesses are compiled, derived from several references, outline the origin and genetics,epidemiology and natural history of the disease, testing and therapeutic strategies, and other Internet links, are covered. The complete database is also downloadable as shareware.

flag-Canada-vsmall.gifPediatric Database [PEDBASE] Home Page

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Week of May 10, 1997

ENW brings to your attention exceptional resources for the broad concerns of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to be found at:

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Network

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May 4, 1997

Emergency Nursing shares commonalities of interest, outlook, and background with Critical Care Nursing . . . These colleagues share the web.

flag-USA-vsmall.gifAmerican Association of Critical Care Nurses

flag-USA-vsmall.gifSteven Marshall's CCRN NET is a vast site with many links.

flag-USA-vsmall.gifCritical Care Web from Gloria"s Nursing Home Page has good links and always has attractive seasonal holiday decorations

flag-UK-vsmall.gifCritical Care Nursing U.K. from Dave Buttery

flag-Canada-vsmall.gifCanadian Association of Critical Care Nurses

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Week of April 20, 1997

ENW thanks Dr. Alan Clark of Emergency Minded for his nomination of:

Ed's Pathology Notes

This comprehensive pathology site with personality and opinion is the creation of Dr. Ed Friedlander at the University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, MO. It is accessible and good for those quick brush-ups on many disease states and injuries, even for pleasurable browsing to put back some of the science in what we do. You can read up on the obscure or bizzare, the Kennedy Assasination, clarify concepts on manners of death as to whether natural vs. accidental, suicidal, homicidal, or therapeutic misadventure. Review a portion or system at a time and enjoy.

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Week of April 13, 1997

ENW selects an unusual resource for this week's COOL Web-Find: The Department of Anaesthesia of The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada makes its "Green Book" for Anaesthesia Residents available on the web. Of particular value to emergency nurses is the reference of

sign_obsolete.gif (975 bytes)flag-Canada-vsmall.gifAnaesthetic Implications of Children's Syndromes [from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children]HSC-Icon.gifsign_obsolete.gif (975 bytes)

This allows you to quickly look up online many developmental problems or other syndromes (often eponymous) that a child may have for a thumbnail description and outline of anaesthetic/resuscitative considerations. Since most are seen infrequently in an ED, such data may not be in the forefront of our memory. "Syndromes" (their title; ---the above is for bookmark clarity) is a very useful reference to the ED's computer bookmark list.

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April 6, 1997

ENW presents an especially well-merited COOL Web-Find to Cynthia Bissell, RN, whose web-creation, as both a nurse and mother of children with special needs, has provided a comprehensive web-resource for home care of tracheostomies and an insight into lives affected by artificial airways and other special needs.

Aaron's Tracheostomy Page

Katie Shea Kalata RN BSN MS MBA at Oakton Community College has set an example to follow of using html and the web to disseminate course content, provide instructional availability, and linkage to other resources in . . .

Principles of Pharmacology

(Although the content is intended for nursing students rather than working nurses, the links are very useful, and her example can be adapted for other content.) 

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Week of March 30, 1997

ENW honors Deb Willard, a flag-Canada-vsmall.gif Canadian nurse whose page on Emergency Nursing has clinical and personal content, and offers an online chat site. Her

! Emergency Room !

appears as part of the larger complex known as Virtual Nurse which has much else to offer.

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March 23, 1997

ENW posts as COOL Web-Finds the nominations of its readers and other findings:

From J. Michael Battig & Belinda Heaton at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR, who simply wished a link but deserve greater attention

Future Nurse

From Tina Denetclaw, a contributor to our humor page and to Alan Clark's page Emergency Minded

Medical Humanities

Previous Winner, Dr. D. John Doyle of the University of Toronto has done considerable revision of his many airway and anesthesia sites . . .

flag-Canada-vsmall.gifDr D John Doyle

Albert Ng submits his . . .

flag-Singapore-vsmall.gif (867 bytes)emergencies's Home Page [Singapore]

Seth Grant has a well done and different look at emergency medicine . . .

Charlie Med - Battlefield Medicine - Preserve the Fighting Force

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Week of March 16, 1997

ENW points to worthwhile resources in Burn Care:

flag-Canada-vsmall.gifBurn Treatment Information from British Columbia Burn Network Society

Alaskan Community Health Aid Manual: Burns

And, as a reminder of the human impact of burn injuries . . .

The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

Resources for fire safety and understanding of fire . . .

FireSafe: Fire and Safety Directory

March 2, 1997

ENW recognizes the importance of orthopedics with these links of quick information and the AAOS home page:

Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopedics

is a hyper-text comprehensive textbook with many useful files and references. Cruise through it ahead of time so that you can use its structure quickly when you must. (The quickest is to click the bone on the skeleton image-map or to use the list of fractures.)

Orthopedics Links
attached to the newsgroup sci.med.orthopedics

provides topically-indexed comprehensive links coordinated with other major pages of ortho links; should take you wherever you need to go.

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

is the site for the organized specialty

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February 23, 1997

This week, ENW recognizes the inter-relationship of mind and body. "Mens sana in corpore sano." Many patients who present for emergency care have some element of emotional distress or even frank psychiatric disease. The hospital emergency department, whether seen as sanctuary by the troubled or the community's buffer zone for its ills by the authorities, often must interact with those whose problem is "supra-tentorial." The following resources are too comprehensive to describe here and can find whatever information you need.

Mental Health Net

Internet Mental Health

Psych Central™ Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page

Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links

sign_update-yel.gif (973 bytes)David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages

Now at: http://www.trauma-pages.com/
{formerly @ http://gladstone.uoregon.edu/~dvb/trauma.htm}
c.f., our Psychology Links for further description

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February 16, 1997

When sudden injury or illness strikes at vision, often the ED is the most appropriate resource, and usually the only one "after-hours." Whether conjunctivitis, foreign-body sensation, or emergencies such as chemical burns, acute glaucoma, or central retinal artery thrombosis, care that is really beneficial, and a chance to help the patient learn important information occurs when we deal with eye problems.

American Academy of Ophthalmology 

This specialist organization has a well-organized variety of fascinating information for both the public and for professionals.


Billed as "The Gathering Place for Visionaries in Eye Care - The Web's Most Comprehensive Site for Ophthalmology Content & Links", this mock town is a comprehensive site including those all-important downloadable patient brochures, resources, a number of optho-photo sources, CME, meetings announcements, etc.

Eye Workshop

This is an excellent teaching quiz with photos and diagrams and a good general introduction to eye problems seen in an ED. It comes to you from the folks at St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center. Don't pass it up!

Internet Ophthalmology [from SUNY Buffalo]

From the Dept. of Opthalmology at SUNY-Buffalo comes a complete course on Cytomegalovirus Retinitis, a LISTSERV mailing list, reviews of current articles, a "web-book" on strabismus and other pedi-optho problems.

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Week of February 9, 1997

Among the most common and frequent reasons for which patients come to an emergency department are afflictions of the skin. The skin is the largest of bodily organs and is complex and essential in its functioning. Whether rash, drug or allergic reaction, "bug-bite," exanthem, cutaneous manifestation of internal disease, infestation, or "whaddya think this is?", we often need useful resources in Dermatology.

Electronic Textbook of Dermatology

Some portions of this are still in outline form, but the scope is broad and the arrangement good, many photographs sampled during review were external links. As this site grows to fulfill its outline, it should become even more useful.

Dermatology On-Line Atlas

American Academy of Dermatology
which also includes good educational
patient information pamphlets

MedWeb© (from Emory University)
Healthweb: Dermatology (from Indiana University
both have excellent resource pointers

DermPathTutor© - Image Index (from University of Iowa)

DermPathTutor Dictionary©(from University of Iowa)
http://tray.dermatology.uiowa.edu/DPT/DPDict.htm ,

& Univ. of Iowa's Dept.of Dermatology(from University of Iowa)

& The Virtual Hospital's Family Practice Handbook Chapter 13. Dermatology (from University of Iowa)

are outstanding resources.

Kansas University Medical Center CME Dermatology

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February 2, 1997



  This marvellous 3D MRI reconstruction of skull and Brain is borrowed fromThe Society for NeuroAnesthesia and Critical Care, with kind permission.

This week, ENW, honors SUNY_Syracuse for its Department of Neurosurgery's fine teaching files on:

Neurological Emergencies

This is an outstanding, and fun, manual for (of course,) residents and medical students: ---but, guys, we're out there too, and we all need to work together! This is just too good to waste!

Rich resources for neurologic interests are at:

Neuroscience on The Internet

For definitive imaging examples go to:

The Whole Brain Atlas

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January 26, 1997

This Week, ENW, honors several noteworthy web sources in Toxicology ---a field in which the organized rapid sharing and distribution of information, aided by computers, has demonstrated its beneficial impact on patient care through regional poison control centers.

TOXIKON© Medical Toxicology On-Line

EXTOXNET - EXtension Toxicology Network

American Association of Poison Control Centers

Medical, Clinical & Occupational Toxicology Resource Home Page

ATSDR - ToxFAQs: Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets

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January 19, 1997

It is a widespread custom on the Internet to include a humor section or some light-hearted or off-the-wall content. ENW has such a page, itself. This week, however, ENW points the way to a cheerful year with some reliable sites devoted to the humorous aspects of the work we do . . .

Journal of Nursing Jocularity

Lighten Up, Seriously!™

Canonical List of Medical Humor [Funny Bone]

Jerry's Emergency Medical Humor Pages

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January 12, 1997

This week, ENW welcomes to the web, and to the list of honorees receiving the ENW COOL Web-Find Distinction, Alan Clark, MD and his "broad-spectrum" site with a uniquely personal flavor:

Emergency Minded

It offers a blend of tips, software, essays and personal views (read what "Marge-In-Charge" did to determine LOC!), that convey enthusiasm, dedication, and love for the work. . .

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January 5, 1997

This week, ENW wishes to start the new year by honoring excellent examples of how computers may alter and improve teaching and testing of professional judgement and skills through interactivity. These sites deal with aspects of our work from reception and resuscitation of trauma, ambulatory care, and critical care nursing assessing and monitoring responses to illness and treatment.

Trauma Moulage© from Trauma.Org flag-UK-vsmall.gif

The Interactive Patient Home Page

Critical Care Nurse Snapshots - [Critical Thinking In Critical Care]

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December 29, 1996

This week, ENW demonstrates its continuing strong interest in emergency airway management by honoring

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)John's Airway/Respiratory InfoCenter

and his

flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)Laryngeal Mask Airway Web Page

the extraordinarily valuable compendia maintained by D. John Doyle MD PhD FRCPC FCCP of the University of Toronto's Department of Anesthesiology and the Toronto Hospital. Even among anesthesiology sites, this page pays greater attention to airway management than any other. It is not to be missed.

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December 23, 1996

This week, ENW awards the "ENW Cool Web-Find Distinction" to the national professional organization of our specialty:

Emergency Nurses Association

ENW also recognizes the emergency nursing web presence of:


flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)eelston's "Fast Track" Home Page

See also John Stewart's discussion of emergency defibrillation in non-critical care areas of hospitals:

In-Hospital Defibrillation

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December 14, 1996

This week, ENW must pay tribute to the growing number of specialized medical search engines and content finders. This is a season of appreciation, thankfulness, and scarce time and crowded days: these pages help us make the most of our web time. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night of medical web surfing!


Doctor's Guide to the Internet Edmund's Home Page

MedConnect MedExplorer Medical Matrix Medscape

and, of course,

YAHOO!s Medicine section

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November 17, 1996

(On Hiatus)

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November 10, 1996

This week, ENW again presents a cluster of pages with a common theme, but each of sufficient merit to have individually earned their Distinction of "ENW COOL Web-Find of the Week". These pages represent the very best web presence of and for student nurses. They supply support, resources, and insights into various areas and specialties of practice. Check these excellent pages and e-mail them your appreciation.

The Nursing Student WWW Page

Pam's Place on the Web

Student Nurse's Network (update:12/11/96 This site now discontinued by its webmaster)

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November 3, 1996

This week, ENW presents a cluster of pediatric pages and web resources to show not only their own great merits but to bring to you the many others that we cannot bring you at one time. Each of these sites is distinguished, presentable, points to valuable links, and show a great deal of work.

The PED-EM-L Web Page
The home of the very useful mailing list

Pediatric Points of Interest
Vast links to all things pediatric

PEDINFO: A Pediatrics WebServer
Well-organized indices and pointers

PedsCCM - The Pediatric Critical Care Website
The spectrum from the standard to the sophisticated

The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
The AMA journal of the specialty with online abstracts and some full-text

From these sites you should be able to reach any pediatric portion of the web.

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 October 27, 1996

The COOL Web-Find! is awarded to a plain small chest of two hundred clinical pearls in the form of Dr. Tom Stair's and Dr. Phillip Buttarvaroli's Common Simple Emergencies
an html collection of brief outlines of straight-forward diagnosis and treatment taught to Georgetown University's fourth-year medical students and house officers. This can be referred to on a local computer to aid junior house and nursing staff with those recurring presentations. Its model for well serve as an impetus to your own department's database of "how we do it here." A good addendum to an orientation program.

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October 20, 1996

The COOL Web-Find! is awarded to The Virtual Hospital™  [http://vh.radiology.uiowa.edu/]   Presented by the Electric Differential Multimedia Laboratory, Department of Radiology, University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa. This well-known and critically acclaimed tour de'force of health and medical web publishing is a fine example of the capacity of the web to teach and inform whether to professionals or to the public. Its materials comprise much of the spectrum of medicine. The family practice handbook alone is worth a web-trip and is but one example of many. Check the Outline of the Virtual Hospital, and plan to spend some "quality web-time" with the University of Iowa.

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October 13, 1996

The COOL Web-Find! is awarded to Kathi Webster, RN and her several web-pages: The WEBster: The Fine Art of Nursing; The WEBster: Telephone Triage Home Page with its Telephone Nursing Telezine which "went public" at the same time as ENW and was among the first to cite ENW as a resource and to accord encouragement; The WEBster: Death and Dying; The WEBster:Hunting the Snark with JavaScript a special search engine; and The WEBster Home Page reflecting her special interests. These pages are uniquely eclectic and deep with special verve and enthusiasm for nursing's emerging specialties and promoting the use of computers in, by, and for nursing. Astonishing achievements for a single individual.

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October 6, 1996

The COOL Web-Find! is awarded to:

EMBBS Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page by EMBBS

from Drs. Ash Nashed and Glenn Fink in New Jersey. This is a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED-SITE for anyone in emergency care. They present a top-grade practice-based EM site with many features: ACLS/PALS simulators, EKG cases, Radiology and CT Image files, photo files, toxicology, residency information, medical software,the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine "Clinical Pearls" files has thorough discussion of cases, links to many other resources, etc. There is clinical value here for anyone. An extraordinary example of encompassing EM topics in a single site.

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 September 29, 1996

For presentation of its first award, ENW has chosen to make a dual award to the same institution: Vanderbilt University's excellent nine-part Emergency Airway Management Guide from its Department of Anesthesiology faculty. It is comprehensive, well-organized, thorough, referenced, and has excellent views of direct laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation. It deals with the difficult and complex as well as the common.

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt has excellent teaching files of medical photos, x-rays, ekg's, and mnemonics. This is a clear and exceptional offering.

Other schools, departments, and divisions at VUMC have commendable pages which run above average. Other resources may be found, curriculum objectives, and interesting monographs. The entire web presence of VUMC is attractively and cohesively organized. The product of much work and thought is evident.

Visit these web offerings, absorb the knowledge, "tour" the rest of Vanderbilt University's Medical Center, and send of a note of thanks to the Webmaster to share with the authors in the Department of Anesthesiology and the Department of Emergency Medicine.


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Heat Emergencies
End Tidal CO2 Monitoring
in CPR: A Predictor of Outcome

Fix This Airway!
Crises in Airway Management

Bioterrorism References
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