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What's this all about ?

When Emergency Nursing World ! first began in 1996, it was "intended to be the world's first comprehensive practice-based resource for "Emergency Nursing" and to the allied professions with which it works."  I had long noticed "that among the vast medical WWW resources, and the growing number of nursing and EMS resources, that there was NONE specifically identified or dedicated to the interests of an extraordinarily challenging nursing specialty."

       ENW has succeeded more than expected.  It has perhaps done so because more than anything else it concerns itself   with what we do in our work and what we need to do it.   It is not an official body, yet it is a convenient pointer to them. It publishes articles of practice-based content and hopes to be ever more comprehensive. It recognized the unique informational needs of a nursing specialty more broadly based and dynamic than any other spanning the emergency and crititical-are aspects of all medical specialties. The links that it provides are the most focussed at meeting those needs.  It aimed to be useful!   It has become the Internet Center of Emergency Nursing not by name but respected as such by function for the nurses and educational institutions who use it.

        ENW hoped that a forum would arise wherein ready communication among Emergency Nurses throughout the world could occur.  Em-Nsg-L: The Emergency Nursing List, has become that respected world forum which is "The Internet Voice of Emergency Nursing"Em-Nsg-L is not proprietary or for profit but is operated in trust for the benefit of our specialty and for the ultimate benefit of our patients. It grows continuously and has taken its place among the other medical and nursing specialties.

       ENW hoped that its usefulness would extend beyond an "Emergency Department" to include all those who care for the emergency patient and it is used by other occupations and specialties and has been used as required reading for training courses and colleges.  It has been found useful by students in nursing and has helped to attract others to our specialty.

        There are still yet-to-be-realized goals for ENW to be ever more useful with more features and improved functionality, but it is not unreasonable to look at what has so far been attained or immodest to be proud of its acceptance.  This improved site should, it is hoped, be likewise accepted and grow with the specialty.  Your comments and contributions will help ENW be what Emergency Nursing needs it to be.


Tom Trimble, RN

Editor and Publisher
    Emergency Nursing World !
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