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The Chicago Hope Home Page
Emergency Home Page (Cult Classic Gets Its Own Home Page)

Urban Myths, Dropped Stretchers, Funny Stories, etc.
AFU & Urban Legends Archive
David Letterman's "Top Ten" Lists

TV Bytes:WWW TV Themes Home Page: by Patrick G. Kenney
Jack's Shack (Music Music Music To Soothe The Savage Beast Midi files for your computer

KPIX Online: Live San Francisco View cam
9 View Cams of San Francisco

The Electric Postcard Send a free internet postcard.
Virtual Flowers Home Page Send free virtual flowers to anyone on the internet!
Mail a Meal - Gourmet Postcards

What's In YOUR Name? Demonstration Analysis Analyze your name
Write your name in Hieroglyphic.

Famous people who were born on your birthday
This Day In History

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? [famous people tell you why!]
The Dilbert Zone The office Everyman.
Daily Funny Page
The Comic Strip®
Welcome to Warner Bros. Home Page Home of cartoon characters and studio merchandise.
Looney Tunes Home Page
Disney World
Why a duck? (Marx Brothers)
David Gerstein's Classic Felix The Cat Home Page

Interactive Model Railroad
Museum Computer Directory of Web Sites [Fantastic List of Sites]
PARKNET:The National Park Service Place on the Web
WebMuseum: Le Louvre

The MoJo Wire "Mother Jones Magazine"
The Online Books Page

MovieLink 777-FILM Online
Hollywood Online
Star Wars WWW
The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition

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