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Medical Links - Part 2

{from Govt. to Medical Organizations}

Govt. Medical Institutions & Promulgations:

logo-AHRQ-gov.gif (11825 bytes)Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; part of the Federal Department of Health & Human Services with many offerings: Clinical practice guidelines online; Clinical preventive services; Employment; Grants available; Information products.

logo-healthfinder.gov.jpg (18677 bytes)healthfinder® is a free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. healthfinder® can lead you to selected online publications, clearinghouses, databases, web sites, and support and self-help
groups, as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable
information for the public.
Health Information Resources: Federal Health Information Centers and Clearinghouses
Health on the Net Foundation
star-small.gif (453 bytes)Health Services Technology Assessment Texts (HSTAT) "is a free, web-based resource that provides access to full-text documents useful for providing health information and for health care decision making."
HyperDOC: The Visible Human Project
HyperDOC: National Library of Medicine (NLM)
International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies Home Page
logo-NatlGuidelinesClearinghouse.gif (3904 bytes)National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC), a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. NGC is sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) (formerly the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research [AHCPR]) in partnership with the American Medical Association and the American Association of Health Plans
logo-NASetc.gif (9190 bytes)National Academy of Sciences includes National Research Council
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
World Health Organization WWW Home Pageflag-UN-vsmall.gif

Hematology & Transfusion Practices:

BloodLine™ The Online Hematology Resource
Blood Survey Form

History of Medicine:

A History of Anesthesia at Harvard University
American Association for the History of Medicine
Anesthesia History Gopher from UAB [University of Alabama, Birmingham]
star-small.gif (453 bytes)Country Joe McDonald's Florence Nightingale Tribute An attractive and heartfelt recapitulation of principle events in Nightingale's life and career. Not only the founder of modern nursing and nursing education, but also contributed greatly as a public health reformer, administrator, lobbyist, and health statistics.
Horus' History Links [Medical and Public Health History]
Historical Center for the Health Sciences: Home Page [U. Mich.]
Medicine in Quotations Online from American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine
OnLine Images from the History of Medicine - Nat'l Library of Medicine
Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
Scientific and Medical Antiques
Surfing the Internet for the History of Medicine

Hospitals & Hospital Administration:

Human Error in Medicine
HCIA-Mercer's 100 Top Hospitals

Humor in Medicine: fool-small.gif

Canonical List of Medical Humor [Funny Bone]
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
JoeFil's Intensive Care Unit
The Journal Of Irreproducible Results
Journal of Nursing Jocularity
MC-MD Adventures in Managed Care
Med-Jokes: the CCM-L Humor Page
Medical Bloopers & Anecdotes
Urban Legends Archive: Medical category


Dr. Bryan Knight's "Hypnosis Headquarters" flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)
Auto Evolutionary Hypnotic Meditation
Computer Auto-Hypnosis {HELPER]
Computer Hypnosis, Speed-Readiing, & NLP
FAQ from alt.hypnosis @ hypnosis.com
"HELPER" PC program for auto-hypnosis
Hubbard on Hypnosis
Hypnosis in Pain Management from alt.hypnosis FAQ in PsychWeb
Hypnosis: Tool or Fool
Hypnosis - World Wide Web Yellow Pages Search Results
Hypnotica Home Page
Induction Method ©1995 David Brager
Marriage & Family Therapy Introduction
Milton H Erickson MD: Lycos Search Results
Milton H. Erickson MD: SavvySearch Results
National Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification
Pushing Your Own Buttons Hypnosis Home Page

Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine: bar_isle1.gif

star-small.gif (453 bytes)CDC Center for Disease Control Home Page
CDC Home Travel Information Page
Communicable Disease Prevention & Control CDPC provides summaries and sometimes the full text of infectious/communicable disease reports that are available on the Internet and are relevant, based on the editor's experience as a public health epidemiologist (this is a one-person operation), for the prevention and control of communicable diseases. CDPC also includes sections on current global, regional. and country estimates and projections of HIV infections and AIDS cases.
Compliance Control Center [Handwashing]
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Infection Control
"Infectious Disease & Hospital Epidemiology" The web page for the monthly journal of The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America allows you to read current or past abstracts, subscribe, receive a free issue, or be notified of updates.
"Infectious Disease in Children" The web page for this monthly journal allows you to read current or past abstracts, check current news in the field, participate in specialty forums, subscribe, receive a free issue, or be notified of updates; an "online seminar" area is being developed.
Infectious Disease Weekly
MCW International Travelers Clinic
Med Help International
Outbreak - Welcome Page
Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
logo-CIDRAP-UMn.gif (8826 bytes)
University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy
- Agent specific links, updating daily, food safety information

Internal Medicine:

ACP Online: American College of Physicians
Medicine On-Line (c) Priory Lodge Education Ltd.

Laboratory Diagnostic Medicine:

Diagnostic Test Information Server

Medical Decision-Making, Diagnostic Systems, Ethics & Judgement, etc.:

Americans for Medical Progress / Medical Research vs. Animal Rights
Expert Systems in Medicine
Human Error in Medicine

Legal Issues In Medical Practice: Medi-Legal1-6.gif
[icon logo courtesy of and © Peter Mariani, MD; with thanks from ENW]

ASA Closed Claims / POCA Registry
Dr. Donald J. Palmisano's Risk Management Page
Emergency Medicine Legal Case of the Month: Peter Mariani, MD's "How Would YOU Rule?" analysis from SUNY Syracuse
TrialNet, Inc. - Medical Defense Lawyer's Site
Professional Liability Newsletter's Web Page excellent monthly review of cases settled or adjudicated

Medical Education:

Interactive Medical Student Lounge
The Medical Education Page
Medical School
The Residency Page
Stanford Medical Student Survival Guide: MedWorld

Medical Illustration:

W Heim's Home Page

Medical Imaging & Radiology:

star-small.gif (453 bytes)The Internet Atlas of Pathology by Fabrizio La Mura Fabrizio La Mura's split-screen Gopher of medical images
Austin Hospital PET Centre Server
BrighamRAD at Harvard University
star-small.gif (453 bytes)CHORUS -Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
star-small.gif (453 bytes)Radiologic Cases In Pediatric Emergency Medicine
UW Radiology Webserver [University of Washington]
VIDIMED Project Home Page
star-small.gif (453 bytes)Radiological Society of North America
star-small.gif (453 bytes)RadiologyEducation.com

Medical Informatics:

Duke Medical Informatics Home Page
star-small.gif (453 bytes)National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics
Welcome to Cinahl Information Systems

Medical Institutions' Web Presence:

Sites which largely give information about the institution, without (or with minimal) other services or content provided

Cornell Medical College WWW Home Page
Harvard Medical Web Home Page
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Mayo Clinic
MEDCOR [Medical Computing Resource]- McGill University, Canada
UCSF - The University of California San Francisco Medical Center
UMBC Campus Homepage [University of Maryland, Baltimore]
University of Miami School of Medicine
Yale University World Wide Web Front Door
Yale-New Haven Medical Center

Medical Journals & Publications:[from the printed world]

American Thoracic Society - American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
The British Medical Journal
E-Med News [Electronic Medicine News]
HealthLinks: News & Journals [Gateway to many journals from Univ. of Washington Health Sciences Library]
Journal Club on the Web
Journal of Immunology
Lippincott-Raven Publishers
Medicine On-Line© Priory Lodge Education Ltd
MedWeb: Electronic Newsletters and Journals
New England Journal of Medicine Online - Home Page
Prehospital & Disaster Medicine Magazine Home Page
Springer Verlag Publishing: Gopher Menu
Williams & Wilkins Electronic Media

Medical Journals & Publications: [ON-LINE only]

Electronic Journal of Orthopedics
Journal of Emergency Medicine On-line™
Journal of Family Medicine On-Line™
Journal of Medicine On-Line™
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology On-Line™
Journal of Pediatrics On-Line™
Journal of Psychiatry On-Line™
Medicine On-Line © Priory Lodge Education Ltd.
MedWeb: Electronic Newsletters and Journals

Medical Libraries:

GALEN II - University of California San Francisco
MELVYL System (catalog of UC/CSUs/CA.State Library) Welcome Page

Medical Links Meta-Pages:

Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics: The Karolinska Institute
Alphabetic List of Specific Diseases/Disorders [from Karolinska Institute, Sweden]
CliniWeb Browse [from Oregon Health Sciences University]
CliniWeb Search [from Oregon Health Sciences University]
Coven Communications Home Page [UK Healthcare Resources on the Web]
Doctor's Guide to the Internet
New Medical Sites & Find of the Week - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Edmund's Home Page
Galaxy-Einet's List of Medicine Links
GEMA's list of Internet Medical Resources
Hardin MD: Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
HWB Foundation (Hippocrates, Winslow, & Babbage]
The Internet Sleuth - Health & Medicine
LUMEN : Loyola University Medical Education Network
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'
MedConnect : Information Services for the Medical Community
Medical Matrix 3.6.23- Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources
Medicine on Internet [Oxford Univ. Press]
Med Nexus
MEDIC: Medical Education Information Center --UT Houston Dept. of Path. & Lab. Med.
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
MedWeb: Adam's Guide To Medical Resources On The Internet
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
New Medical Sites & Find of the Week - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Plato's Medical Links
Specialty Categorized Internet Information-Kansas University Medical Center
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Biosciences - Medicine
The WWW VL Biosciences: Index

Medical Multimedia,Virtual Sites, & Teaching Programs:

star-small.gif (453 bytes)Atlas of Pointers to Images
Fabrizio La Mura's split-screen Gopher of medical images
BONES ™ The Biomedically Oriented Navigator of Electronic Services
Cyberspace Hospital and Medical Schoolflag-Singapore-vsmall.gif
Heart Sounds -- Heart Sounds
Interactive Patient Home Page Challenging fun making your own diagnosis -from Marshall University
Introduction To Haemodynamic Waveforms [University of Tasmania, Australia]
star-small.gif (453 bytes)Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library Vast Meta-Page of data, images, and software
Primary Care Teaching Modules [Stanford & UCSF Joint Project]
star-small.gif (453 bytes)The R.A.L.E. Repository
University of Colorado Medical Rounds
Virtual Health Care Team Link
Virtual Hospital Home Page
Virtual Hospital - Outline
Virtual Children's Hospital

Medical News Services:

Medical Breakthroughs reported by Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.

Medical Organizations:

ACP Online: American College of Physicians
American Medical Association - Welcome
American Medical Association Home Page
American Medical Specialty Organization, Inc. Home Page [Managed Care Forum]


Clinical Articles Special Articles


2003 ASA
"Difficult Airway Practice Guidelines"

Airway 10 Commandments
Action Plan for Airway Hell!

Using Anesthesia Bags
Optimizing Mask Ventilation
Sedation Guidelines
Sedation Principles
Sedation Checklist

Aphorisms, Maxims, and Pearls
Discharge Instructions
I.V. Starts -Improving Your Odds!
Pediatric Hints -An ABC
Tips & Tricks -from Other Nurses
Manipulative Behaviors by Patients

Heat Emergencies
End Tidal CO2 Monitoring
in CPR: A Predictor of Outcome

Fix This Airway!
Crises in Airway Management

Bioterrorism References
Headache & Stroke
Outsize Patients
--a big nursing challenge!

The Poisoned Patient
Respiratory Encounters (I Can't BREATHE! Part I)

Respiratory Encounters (I Can't BREATHE! Part II)


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