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[Part 1 --- from Ambulance to EMS Web Pages]



Professor Langsam's Home Page - Brooklyn EMS
Acadian Ambulance & Air Med Services World Wide Web Home Page
Bangs Ambulance Home Page
Fire Engines and Ambulances Peoria
Bensonhurst Volunteer Ambulance Service
Charlottesville - Albemarle Rescue Squad, Inc.
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Texas
Hudson Valley Ambulance Corps's EMS PULSE
Interior Ambulance Rescue Squad
KCEAA: Kanawha County (WV) Emergency Ambulance Authority
Lindenwood Volunteer Ambulance Corps
NYC Emergency Medical Services Info
PA Para Protocols
flag-Australia-vsmall.gif (908 bytes)Australian Ambulance Links-Important contributions by John Hulley
   Australian College of Ambulance Professionals
    Australian Capital Territory Ambulance Service
    Metropolitan Ambulance Service
    Rural Ambulance Victoria, Australia
    Ambulance Service of New South Wales
    Queensland government Department of Emergency Services
    Queensland Ambulance Service
    Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association of Tasmania Inc.

Curriculae, Protocols, & Training Centers:

Welcome to SUNY Stony Brook's Paramedic homepage.
Penn State Emergency Medical Services
South Carolina EMS Educators' Association
PA Para Protocols
flag-Australia-vsmall.gif (908 bytes) Monash University's "Centre for Ambulance & Paramedic Studies" provides academic programs primarily for both the Metropolitan Ambulance Service and Rural Ambulance Victoria, Australia
Emergency Medical Technology- Paramedicflag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)[Alberta's Curriculum]
Paramedic: National Standard Curriculum
SIGN_update-yellowoval.gif (195 bytes)EMS Training Resources - EMTSue's EMS Training Resources for Instructor and Student

Disaster Prevention & Mitigation:

Disaster Recovery Journal
LifeLink-Disaster Preparedness Information, Services and Supplies
Texas-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team
EARTHQUAKE RESOURCES [San Francisco Chronicle]
M3C's- Emergency Information Center
OFDA Field Operations Guide
Emergency Preparedness Information Center (Epicenter)flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)
Emergency Preparedness Information Exchangeflag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes) Simon Fraser Univ.: Gopher
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Global Emergency Management System
Internet Disaster Information Center
G7 GEMINI Projectflag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)
Provincial Emergency Programflag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes): British Columbia Attorney General [from EPIX]
Recent Global Earthquake Information [USGS]
ABAG Data on Earthquakes and Housing
Disaster Resource list home page

Pre-Disaster Engineering:tools1.gif (1104 bytes)

Earthquake Engineering Research Center
GEOLOGIC HAZARDS TEAM (Earthquakes/Landslides)
International Center For Disaster-Mitigation Engineering:flag-Japan-vsmall.gif (1526 bytes)University of Tokyo

  Dispatch, Communications, & Telemedicine Technology:handfon.gif (1131 bytes)bar_elec1.gif (3253 bytes)

Telecommunications Networks -- IS 4502
Run Report Acronyms [humor]
Central Mass Scanning Page
DoD Telemedicine Home Page
911 Services
EMS Communications Information Centre!
NENA 9-1-1 National Emergency Number Association
St.Louis County 9-1-1 Communications Department
Team Dispatch
The North American Center For Emergency Communications Inc., (NACEC).
WCCCA 911: Washington County (OR) Consolidated Communications Agency 911 Dispatch
World Wide Emergency Numbers

Emergency Preparedness & Civil Defense:

Emergency Preparedness links and other fun!
EPIX: Emergency Preparedness Information eXchangeflag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)
San Francisco Fire Department NERT Program

EMS Associations, Unions, & Fraternal Groups:

MPPA: The Manitoba Pre-Hospital Professions Associationflag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)
National Association of Emergency Medical Techniciansflag-USA-map-vsmall.gif (969 bytes)
National Paramedic Society (a division of NAEMT)
Oklahoma EMT Assoc.
Sonoma County Paramedic Association

EMS Degree Programs:

American College of Prehospital Medicine Home Page (distance education program for EMS & military medics)
The George Washington University EMS Degree Program

EMS History:

Star of Life

EMS Oriented FTP Sites:

Emergency KISS 'zine" HOME PAGE
EMS FTP [Mike Larish -Butte County] 

EMS Personal Web Pages:
{Sites which largely reflect an individual's perspective; less comprehensive than those attempting to portray the entire spectrum of EMS/Pre-Hospital Care}

Alan Kamis
EMSstat EMS WEB Page
Arnie's EMS Homepage
Lisa and Ron's Study: EMS Stuff
Ken Lavelle's EMS Home Page
The EMS Home Page of Anthony "Hollywood" Hartwell at New Mexico State University
Welcome to the Medic One Homepage {Anthony "Hollywood" Hartwell]
Kempsville Volunteer Rescue Squad (Virginia Beach, VA)

EMS Products & Vendors:

9-1-1 Gear Home Page
EMS Advantage, Inc.
Firehouse Medical Inc.
Karst Sports Home Page
Kelly Medical Products Home Page
RES-Q Products Inc. Home Page
Sprint Medical Supply
Wheeled Coach


EMS Providers & Organizing Authorities:
{Sites, whether official or un-official, which purport to give information regarding an entire provider or its authorizing agency}

Emergency Medical Services For Children home page
Alaska EMS Section
Alberta Health - Emergency Health Services
APCO Home Page
Emergency Medical Services [WV}
Emergency Medical Services Authority
ERRI Intelligence Reports
Honolulu Emergency Services Web Page
NCEMSF Home Page - Clemson Location
NYC Emergency Medical Services Info
Ramsey EMS Home Page
Rural/Metro Corporation Home Page
Sonoma County Paramedic Association
The Alliance's Home Page


EMS Publications:

logo-JEMScom.gif (5981 bytes) Jems.com-The Online Emergency Services Resource

EMS Web Pages, Links, & Meta-Sites:
{Sites which, whether individually or institutionally organized, attempt to portray or serve the entire Pre-Hospital arena }

Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support from Nat'l. Assn. of Emergency Medical Technicians
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
Trauma Moulage
ALASKA EMS Program Home Page Links
The WWW Community of Emergency Services
Fire, EMS, and Police Page
Downloadable EMS Files: Alaska State EMS
Emergency - Guide to Emergency Services World Wide
Emergency Medical Services - Inver Hills Community College, Minnesota
Emergency Medicine at the Crossroads
MERGinet (formerly EMERGinet)
EM-Mail Lists (fromCraig Feied, MD's Natl. Center. for Emergency Medicine Informatics)
EMS Advantage
National Collegiate EMS Foundation
Innovations BBS: Emergency Services Links
Kevin's Bailiwick - Welcome
Mother-of-all-BBS's Wais Search on Emergency Svcs.
Nerd World's List:: Emergency Services
sign_new-bluegold.gif (1043 bytes)Rescue One Internet Services from Rescue Training, Inc. in Georgia provides EMS, Police, & Fire Links
Robert Kagel's Emergency Services Home Page
Roger Longenbach's Home Page
Steven Bone's WWW HomePage
The Massachusetts EMS WWW Site
The Unofficial Massachusetts EMS Web Site
Unofficial Indiana Emergency Services Page
World of Emergency
sign_obsolete.gif (975 bytes)World Wide Web of Emergency Services (from Rochester Institute of Technology)NB: some links remain
YAHOO's Directory of Emergency Services
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Clinical Articles Special Articles


2003 ASA
"Difficult Airway Practice Guidelines"

Airway 10 Commandments
Action Plan for Airway Hell!

Using Anesthesia Bags
Optimizing Mask Ventilation
Sedation Guidelines
Sedation Principles
Sedation Checklist

Aphorisms, Maxims, and Pearls
Discharge Instructions
I.V. Starts -Improving Your Odds!
Pediatric Hints -An ABC
Tips & Tricks -from Other Nurses
Manipulative Behaviors by Patients

Heat Emergencies
End Tidal CO2 Monitoring
in CPR: A Predictor of Outcome

Fix This Airway!
Crises in Airway Management

Bioterrorism References
Headache & Stroke
Outsize Patients
--a big nursing challenge!

The Poisoned Patient
Respiratory Encounters (I Can't BREATHE! Part I)

Respiratory Encounters (I Can't BREATHE! Part II)


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Quick Subject Guide
Basic Desktop References
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