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Pre-Hospital & Field EMS Links

[Part 2 --- from Fire to SAR/special purpose aid organiations]


FIRE Links:Fire_Truck.gif (2792 bytes)
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VOLUNTEER: Alfred Station, NY, VFD
Firefighter/EMS Information Network
Poplarchick's front door
National Volunteer Fire Council HomePage
City of Los Angeles Fire Department On The World Wide Web
Fire, EMS, and Police Page
The Alliance's Home Page
Carbon Monoxide and EMS
City of Stuart Fire Rescue
CodeRED home page
Fire Engines and Ambulances Peoria
Firefighters Quarterly Home Page
Firefighting Links - West Arm Consulting Services
FireWeb Home Page
International Association of Arson Investigators
Ken Koller Fireline Imagery
London [Ontario}Professional Fire Fighters Association
Mill Creek Fire Co. Web Page
National FF Burn Study
NFPA - National Fire Prevention Association
Piracicaba F.D.- Sao Paolo, Brazil
René and Bernice : Fire department
The Alliance BBS & The FireFlyer Information Service
The FireWire Home Page
The Unofficial Federal Firefighters Hangout
Welcome to the UWSP Fire Crew Home Page
Williams Fire Dept. Home Page
Zandvoort's Dutch Fire Fighter Page

First Aid:faidkit.gif (1234 bytes)bandaid-sm.gif (1863 bytes)

50 years of Band-Aid
First Aid Online

First Aid Recommendations for the Lay Public:

First Aid
First Aid Book (byUSDept.Labor) [from MedAccess]
Prudent Layperson ED Site
Parents Place.com Health Reading Room: Infant / Toddler Medicine Cabinet

Organized First Aid Voluntary Aid Detachments:

Red Cross First Aid Groups:

Australian Red Cross, Victoria
BRCS:British Red Cross: Manchester

St. John's Ambulance Groups:

St. John Ambulance in Kitchener-Waterloo
St John WWW Links
Cambridge University First Aid Society - St John Ambulance
First Aid Links
Phil Brooke's Home Page
St John Ambulance - London District LINKS Groups
St John WWW Links
The Most Venerable Order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

Flight Medicine:

star-small.gif (453 bytes)CFRN - Certified Flight Registered Nurse Examination/Application Information
How To Become A Flight Nurse; from the Seaox Page
Certified Emergency Nurse/Certified Flight Registered Nurse Review Questions; from the Seaox Page
Air Medical Physicians Association
sign_changed.gif (401 bytes)The Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association   formerly National Flight Nurses Association
National EMS Pilots Association
National Flight Paramedics Association
[Expired Scheduled Image]FlightNursing.com January 2000 New site to provide timely information to other air medical professionals, and provide a forum to share pictures, stories, quotes, jokes. Listings of courses and jobs, a monthly profile of an air medical service will be featured, and an associated mailing list. (send message: subscribe fnursing)
star-small.gif (453 bytes)FlightWeb
star-small.gif (453 bytes)Seaox Air-Medical Homepage: "broad-spectrum" resource for Air-Medical and Flight-Nursing!
Roger, Alec and Bryce Buck's EMS Helicopters
Safety Around The Helicopter Advice from Helicopter Association International
HEMS: Helicopter Emergency Medical Services; London, Eng., UK
Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
John's unOfficial LifeBeat Home Page
University of Michigan Survival Flight Home Page
[email protected]: Tim Schober wrote:
"You may wish to (include the mailing) list [email protected] . . .
it is a conventional MajorDomo server which caters to Emergency Services topics of particular interest to Civil Air Patrol, including Aviation search, Damage assessment, ICS in CAP, CIS, HEP-B, Ground Search, Aerial TV, and many other items related to CAP's emergency activities. It is an active listserv, with moderate traffic 10-20 messages weekly."  [editor's note: List membership is restricted and discretionary with the list owner.]

Foreign EMS:

Northumbria Ambulance Service Home Page
Australian Volunteer Mailing Addresses
British Association of EMTs
Meduca: First Aid / CPR Education and Equipment Center - EHBO /
N&A mensile italiano del soccorso
Ontario Ambulance Services
Texelse Reddingsbrigade [guest page]
VICSES - Victoria State Emergency Service
West Yorkshire Fire and Civil Defence Authority. Home Page
Willoughby/Lane Cove SES

Lifeguard, Water Rescue, Coastal and Water Safety:

Swift Water Rescue - Los Angeles Fire Dept.
The Nantucket Life Saving Museum
City of San Diego Lifeguard Services
United States Coast Guard
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
United States Power Squadrons® Home Pages
Divers Alert Network
Divers' Links
VRA Rescue Divers: New South Wales Volunteer Rescue Association

Medical Web Sites with Substantial Pre-Hospital Content:

EMBBS EMS Homepage

Police Links: imgjust1.gif (1452 bytes)
bar_blue.gif (1729 bytes)

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
CopNet & Police Resource List
Counter Narcotics Tactical Operations Medical Support
Fire, EMS, and Police Page
Law Enforcement Agencies On The Web
Law Enforcement Links -West Arm Consulting Services
Law Enforcement Sites On The Web - Part 1
United Kingdom Police & Forensic Web

Red Cross:

International Committee of the Red Cross
International Conference of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies Home Page
Red Cross: Foreign Societies
American Red Cross
Australian Red Cross, Victoria
Bavarian Red Cross; Glonn, Germany
BRCS:British Red Cross: Manchester


ERRI Intelligence Reports
Interior Ambulance Rescue Squad
HOT FILES - ERRI's Ten Most Popular
International Rescue Corps - Home Page
NSW Volunteer Rescue Assn.
State of Alaska - Fire Service Training
The National Institute for Urban Search And Rescue
The Rescue Home Page
Technical Rescue Magazine Home Page

Safety Organizations:

National Lightning Safety Institute [NLSI]
Safety Facts
National Safety Council (NSC)
Insurance Inst. for Highway Safety
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Northwestern University Traffic Institute Home Page
Safety Related Internet Resources - WWW Servers
The National Fire Protection Association.
The USDOL OSHA Home Page
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Home Page



Coast Guard:

U. S. Coast Guard

SAR Coordinating & Collaborative Groups:

NASAR: National Association for Search And Rescue
Bay Area Search and Rescue Council (San Francisco Bay Area, California)

SAR Publications:

Search and Rescue Magazine

Cave & Mine Rescue Organizations:

National Cave Rescue Commission [Eastern Region - Home Page]

Air SAR Organizations:

Civil Air Patrol [USAF Fact Sheet]

London Air Patrol Inc.flag-Canada-vsmall.gif (896 bytes)

[email protected]:
    Tim Schober wrote:You may wish to (include the mailing) list [email protected] . . .
it is a conventional MajorDomo server which caters to Emergency Services topics of particular interest to Civil Air Patrol, including Aviation search, Damage assessment, ICS in CAP, CIS, HEP-B, Ground Search, Aerial TV, and many other items related to CAP's emergency activities. It is an active listserv, with moderate traffic 10-20 messages weekly.
[editor's note: List membership is restricted and discretionary with the list owner.]

Mapping & Global Positioning System Links:


Mountain & Wilderness Rescue:

El Paso County [Colorado] Search & Rescue
Outdoor Action Guide to High Altitude: Acclimatization and Illness
Mountain Rescue Resources
103 Search and Rescue Homepage
National Ski Patrol The official site of National Ski Patrol System, Inc.
National Ski Patrol - Hidden Facts An un-official page of "loyal opposition" within the NSP.
Panhandle Pages - Bonner County Search & Rescue
Search & Rescue Home Page [New Zealand]
Search & Rescue Info - SAR Links
Search And Rescue Society of British Columbia
Guidelines: Hypothermia & Cold Water Near Drowning - State of Alaska Conference Results
[Published by Emergency Medical Services Section, Division of Public Health, Alaska Department of Health & Social Services, Juneau, Alaska, 1982; placed on Web by Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia]
Southwest Virginia Mountain Rescue
Superior Search and Rescue
Links to other Search & Rescue related Web Sites

Rescue Dog Organizations: blupaw.gif (880 bytes)

Avalanche Dogs
FAQ - SAR Dogs
Search and Rescue Dog Team -- Hannover, Germany
BRH-Rettungshundestaffel Hannover
The California Rescue Dog Association, Inc. (CARDA)

Urban Search And Rescue:

The National Institute For Urban Search And Rescue
Urban Search And Rescue - Medical Team

Special Purpose Aid Organizations:

Charlie Med - Battlefield Medicine - Preserve the Fighting Force
homepage for C/141. Charlie Company of the 141st Support Battalion is the 41st Brigade's primary medical support company - Oregon National Guard
Rock Medicine, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc, Health Care, Event Med

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Clinical Articles Special Articles


2003 ASA
"Difficult Airway Practice Guidelines"

Airway 10 Commandments
Action Plan for Airway Hell!

Using Anesthesia Bags
Optimizing Mask Ventilation
Sedation Guidelines
Sedation Principles
Sedation Checklist

Aphorisms, Maxims, and Pearls
Discharge Instructions
I.V. Starts -Improving Your Odds!
Pediatric Hints -An ABC
Tips & Tricks -from Other Nurses
Manipulative Behaviors by Patients

Heat Emergencies
End Tidal CO2 Monitoring
in CPR: A Predictor of Outcome

Fix This Airway!
Crises in Airway Management

Bioterrorism References
Headache & Stroke
Outsize Patients
--a big nursing challenge!

The Poisoned Patient
Respiratory Encounters (I Can't BREATHE! Part I)

Respiratory Encounters (I Can't BREATHE! Part II)


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Nursing Links
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Pre-Hospital Links

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Pre-Hospital Links
[Fire to Special Purpose Care Organizations]
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